I know a ton of entrepreneurs (like myself) who find themselves wanting a LITTLE more than what they can get for free but aren't quite ready for a coach. Girl, (or man!) I've got you. I followed a couple of high profile marketers for a while and JUMPED at the chance to enroll in coaching with them when it became available. Problem was, they were asking anywhere from $500 - $2,500 A MONTH for "coaching". Now I don't know if it was the word coaching or what but if I'm being totally honest, I can't spend that much on rent let alone for my business no matter what stage I was in. 

So, I never hired a coach. I bootstrapped my way into a successful 7 year career. About 6 months ago I started my AWESOME FB group Creatives + Biz Bosses where I started just basically giving my knowledge away for free because seriously I just love the idea of teaching and passing along what I know to others who are where I was 7 years ago when there wasn't as much info as there was today. 

Along the way people started asking me if I'd be willing to teach them how to start a Social Media Business, how to be a better marketer, how to gain more organic followers, how to boost traffic to their website. Then recently a friend of mine said what if you really just went for it and started offering it as a service for people and I decided to go for it. 

I am introducing AFFORDABLE business coaching. Like really, honest to god, no surprises affordable coaching. Not because I'm a beginner, not because I don't have a lot to offer but because I know EXACTLY what it feels like to be in your shoes. 


So here's how it works. Right now I have 2 options: 




- 2 (60 minute) calls per month 

- Private slack channel with free unlimited support in between calls 

- We can chat about ANYTHING business related 



- 3 (60 minute) calls per month 

- Private slack channel with free unlimited support in between calls 

- We can chat about ANYTHING business related 


GREAT question! 

1. I have been working and supporting myself for 7 years, in 3 different cities, doing JUST social media management for businesses. 

2. I have worked with 60 companies around the world and managed and oversaw 150 social media accounts, everything from content strategy, to creation, execution and graphic design. 

3. I run a successful FB group full of people JUST like yourself who I have helped support, launch and help their careers as well! 



The 4 main people I am going to be able to help serve are:

- People who want to learn everything on setting up their own Social Media Marketing Company. I can help cover EVERYTHING from invoicing, onboarding, client relations, finding new clients, managing scheduling, graphic design, tool selection and more 

- People who have been thrown into marketing in their organizations but it's not their speciality. I have worked with a variety of different industries from HVAC to Health and Wellness, Dating Apps, App Developers, Web Designers, Manufacturers and more! I don't need to be an expert in your field to help you be an expert in yours!

- Freelancers/Entrepreneurs who have social media marketing questions. How to build up their audience organically, how to drive more traffic, how to design an instagram aesthetic etc. 

- Business owners who want to give their in house marketing person some additional help and support 


First, let's schedule a call! I want to make sure you feel 100% confident with me and that we would be a good fit. On the call we will discuss what you are hoping to learn, how you think I can be helpful, and how often we want to schedule times to chat. 

Next, I will get you set up on a private slack channel and I will design a brief outline of what we want to talk about that month (don't worry it can totally change but it's nice to have a rough guide) 

Then we get started! I will send you follow up notes, and I will check in in between calls to see how you are progressing! BOOM. It's THAT easy! 

I truly believe that affordable business help is possible and that is why I am doing this. If this isn't for you or you aren't ready, don't fret! I will still be offering free help and support in my facebook group Creatives + Biz bOsses, pop in there and come back and book when you're ready.