What the 2018 Facebook Algorithm change means for Social Media Marketers


It was the announcement heard around the world, the one that I believe, shook the world of social media marketers like myself.

In a surprising announcement from Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg, he announced a seismic change in the algorithm that from first appearance will affect businesses currently using their biz page to reach audiences. At first I thought, "well that sucks". But the truth is is that they are a business and they are allowed to do whatever they want. Now, I don't think it makes a TON of sense based on the way I use Facebook. Right now, I have 10 other methods to connect with my loved ones and so I do find myself using Facebook for more business/articles etc BUT enough about me, I thought long and hard and read a TON of articles on this topic and I decided to write this piece.

Without further ado, as a Social Media Marketer, this is what I WOULD DO about the changes and how to explain them to my client. 

1. Get hyper-niched. Facebook is a good OVERALL platform for businesses because 1+billion users a month is no joke. However, if they are tweaking the algorithm again my best suggestion is to look at the industry you serve. I work with a lot of contractors, so in addition to the big social networks, where do people looking for contractors hang out. The answer is Houzz, Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, etc etc. Use this "break" with Facebook to find platforms that serve your clients DIRECTLY.

2. Don't abandon Facebook entirely. What many experts are saying is that Zuck wants to shift the focus to COMMUNITY and ENGAGEMENT. Don't be too surprised, SMM's have been talking about this forever but until now there hasn't been any punishment for ignoring those two factors. So, ask questions, start a conversation, spark a debate, talk more don't just observe. 

3. Don't get desperate. I know this news might have panicked you but the LAST thing you want to do is get into "clickbait" territory. Don't beg for likes, comments etc. Don't GUARANTEE your post is going to be the coolest thing they've ever read (it won't be sorry!) >> just be authentic. Post relevant content, post time-sensitive stuff (ie. Super Bowl, Valentine's Day etc) 

4. Encourage people to CHOOSE you. Ask your audience to change their preferences to "SEE FIRST" under the "FOLLOWING" tab at the top of your page. Unclick default and switch to SEE FIRST. 

5. Don't underestimate the power of Advertising. The brilliant thing about social media advertising is that it can be SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than traditional advertising. Encourage your clients to set aside some money for boosting posts, advertising etc and remember if you run ads on Facebook you can seamlessly add them on Instagram too! 

Good luck! I know I will be setting some time aside to brainstorm HOW to change the way I manage my clients in the coming months. I encourage you to do the same and stay creative!