The BEST Styled Stock Photo Sites (FREE + PAID!)

I don't know about you but I am 100% the type of Solopreneur who needs to have 20 projects working at once or I don't feel like I'm actually accomplishing anything. In 2016 I was thinking about styled stock photos and I started jotting down ideas on how to do it better and different than my competition. Well, one thing led to another and I decided that I have ZERO photography skills and I am better off leaving it to the experts! SO I did some research and joined a bunch of different sites that had already done most of the heavy lifting for me. Stock photos are ESSENTIAL to my business and I use at least a dozen per day so it's important to have both FREE and PAID sites I can visit. Here are my top choices! 


Pexels: Pexels is my JAM! I have a Holistic Health Coach and I am constantly looking for health related images (food, yoga, exercise etc) and Pexels never fails me! 

Ivorymix: They have an open database of 300+ you can access for free! They also have a paid option but I am including the free because you can do a ton with 300 images! 

Pixabay: You can't beat a database with over 1 MILLION photos! Most are breathtaking! 

Creative Market (free section): I check this out weekly and you should too! In addition to fonts and templates, sometimes they also have photos! 


Haute Chocolate: This is probably the largest database I've found with styled, feminine stock photos. The price? $99/quarter or $299/annually. If you are really serious about using them and you will use them daily I think the price is pretty reasonable. They are broken down my category and occasion and I really like her style. 

CreateHer: This is another amazing site. She offers free monthly photos with a email sign up and a premium version where you have access to 1,300+ images! It's definitely worth checking out! 

Turquoise and Palm: I have been a long time fan of T+P. They also offer free images monthly with an email sign up and a database for paid members. Price starts as low as $19/month which I think is super reasonable! 

Styled Stock Society: SSS is probably my favorite of the 4! I like the soft feminine photos, but every collection is a little different. You have unlimited downloads, 50+ images added every single month and the collections very from travel to desk, food etc.

If I'm missing any you love, PLEASE comment below! I'd love to learn about more! 

xoxo Jill