HELP: Instagram is the bane of my existence! Tips to help you sort through the noise!

If you have thrown your hands up in frustration over the ever changing landscape of Instagram in last year, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It is exhausting trying to keep up with all of the changes, only for us to realize we don’t REALLY know the secret sauce. I read DOZENS of contradicting pieces of advice all day so I am here to officially help you cut through the noise!

Here are some things you can do to make your Instagram “strategy” effective:

1. Use your ONE link in your bio to your advantage! For a long time, there were no real alternatives to the 1 link in a bio and I was the crazy person changing them every time I posted something new. Then Linktree was born! It allows you to put as many links as you want under 1 so when people open up that link it looks like THIS:


It is a great solution and easy to build for even the beginninest beginners BUT if you do have some web knowledge I recommend a personal landing page on your website. It has all of the said benefits from above but ultimately it takes you directly to YOUR website which is the whole goal right? Mine looks like this:

2. Don’t give up completely on hashtags. ALERT: Shadowbanning is a real thing. You can check if it’s happening to you HERE: However, don’t fret, it can be fixed. Switch up your hashtags, use less, don’t use any, just give your account a break and eventually it WILL get lifted.

Also, has anyone else heard using the full 30 hashtags is bad? I don’t know where I stand on that and NO ONE has been able to say what is the best officially so here is my TIP TOP CIA WORTHY SECRET for you >>> Experiment. Please don’t let Instagram stress you out people! I LOVE it and it is critical for my business too but don’t let it destroy you. Try new tactics out, step outside what is normal for you and test things out. One day try 5, then 11, then 23 and see what works. You might be surprised, it might not make a difference but don’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over again waiting for something to change!

Tip: While I don’t typically like looking to my competition, sometimes seeing what hashtags they are using in addition to influencers in your industry is a good place to check for new hashtag inspiration!

Extra Tip: If you are looking for hashtags RIGHT NOW in your business, I have a list of over 100 that I’ve been using to grow my account to over 3K in less than a year, and I’m seeing exponential growth in 2017!

3. REALLY try and connect with people on an organic basis. I tell all of my clients trying to grow their accounts the same thing. 30 minutes before you go to sleep, scroll through and engage with people. Tell them that you love their photos, ask questions, ask to collaborate, make it genuine. If you REALLY think about it, it’s silly to think that we should rely on automated bots to do all of the work for us. We NEED to sit down and connect with people just like you would in real life!

Tip: See a post you like but don’t have time to engage? Click the bookmark button under the photo on the right-hand side and save it to a collection. Once saved you can go back to them by clicking the bookmark button on your account’s homepage. That makes engaging and commenting easier than ever! It looks like this:


4. Post what matters to YOU. None of these tips are rocket science. None of them will make you an overnight success but if what you want to do is connect with your community and sell and offer value, then just remember to be YOU. It is SO easy to get sucked into thinking your account must be perfect, must be themed, captions must be the appropriate length, must be 85 other things. As long as you work hard at connecting with others, talk about you and touch on things that matter to you, THOSE are the things people want to see from you and ultimately will help them connect with you and your brand!

I’m not perfect, I’m NOT the queen of Instagram BUT I am giving you permission to take a deep breath and stop throwing your hands up in frustration. It is time to regain your sanity and put your most authentic foot forward. I’ve given you some tips to get started but the rest is up to you!

If you need MORE help, I have some additional tips and 100+ hashtags to use in your business RIGHT NOW, you can find that here! I also offer 30-minute Jam Sessions where we can talk about ANYTHING relating to Instagram or you can pick my brain!

If you have any other ideas to help cut through the noise, please comment below!

xoxo Jill