Why you STILL need Facebook Groups for your Biz!

A couple of days ago I asked my Instagram community if they were over Facebook groups. Of the couple of responses I got, I was relatively surprised that they weren't! I have been members of business facebook groups since 2014! When they first came out, I was obsessed! What a BRILLIANT idea! As time went on though I felt my Facebook feed was way too cluttered so I deleted them all and took a break. Well in October of 2016, I became involved in co-hosting one and that was an awesome experience! I loved chatting with the members, getting to hear their stories and help them sort through their thoughts and ideas. Well in May of 2016 I left that group  and I did something impulsive and started my own group (it launched yesterday)

I am here to say that I think in 2017 Facebook groups still continue to be a game changer for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs alike! So why do you still need them? 

1. It helps with exposure! Most groups like mine give you the opportunity to promote yourself at least once a week. You can share Facebook pages, Blog posts, Instagram accounts etc --> When you are a small business owner you need ALL of the exposure you can get and 5 eyes on your content is better than none am I right? 

2. Being a Solopreneur, well it can get a little lonely. One of the major reasons I started Creatives + Biz Bosses was an opportunity to just CHAT with people pursuing the same entrepreneurial journey as myself! Want to know the best IG scheduler? Need help deciding between Mailchimp and Convertkit? There are people who understand and have an opinion on the subject. (sorry mom but I can't explain Mailchimp one more time to you). 

3. Networking. Confession: I am an extrovert who crumbles at the idea of networking events in person. I just went to one in Downtown Austin to push myself out of my comfort zone and what did I do for the first 10 minutes? Stood next to the check-in desk while scrolling through a client's Instagram account. (pathetic but true) I find setting up meetings and calls and email chats so much easier on the internet. (Am I alone here?) and a Facebook group allows for digital networking which is WAY more up my alley. 

So that's it, those are my Top 3 reasons why I think you STILL need Facebook groups for your Biz. 

Also, looking for new groups to join? Here are my top picks: 

- Melyssa Griffin's Online Business BFFs (everything Melyssa touches is gold and this group is no different) 

- Social Boss Society (I think what Kaitlyn is doing is awesome and I always enjoy the conversation here) 

- Unicorn Solorpreneurs was started by Brittany Berger who I knew from my days in One Woman Shop -- I love her prompts and her everything goes policy in her group! 

- What kind of business gal would I be if I didn't mention my own? Come join us in Creatives + Biz Bosses! We can't wait to see you on the inside! 

// Tell me in the comments below how YOU feel about Facebook groups these days! I'd love to hear from my blog community too :) 


xoxo Jill