How I stay positive as a Solopreneur + a BONUS!

As I write this I sit on my couch, it is a drizzly, hot and humid Sunday here in Austin. I am watching my 1 year old puppy pace back and forth and it got me wondering how I ever survived working in my living room/office without someone or something to keep me company during the day. I think it was the hardest lesson I learned as a Solopreneur. You don't really have anyone, this isn't meant to be sad because I have amazing friends and family and people I can certainly discuss business with but at the end of the day YOU are the sole decision maker, YOU are your own accountability partner, YOU are the start and end of your day. 

I was recently approached by someone I met on Instagram about a product she was selling. Martha is the owner of Vision Words. They were these incredible little sticky notes meant to serve as positive reinforcements for whatever you want. She has Fitness, Love, Be Happy etc. I chose Believe in Yourself because that is the one I struggle with the most. 

I put them on the shelf above my desk. It's a small thing but I truly believe positive reinforcement leads to positive changes in your life. And there they sat for a week, and after a while I found myself not only looking to them when I needed a break from work but every time my puppy dragged my notebook off my desk to chew or every time I burnt something in the kitchen because my puppy distracted me (see a theme here?). 

Ultimately I think these are the perfect reminder to stay positive in any situation. I love what Martha has created and I think that whether you use them for business or send them to a friend just so he or she knows you are thinking about them, they are the perfect gift and I look forward to sharing many more with the people in my life! (can I also say there is SO MUCH negativity in this world, isn't it about time we take and share as much positivity as we can in this world?!) 

As a BONUS: Martha has granted me a 10% off discount for anyone who wants to purchase these til the end of the week! Use Discount Code SPARK at checkout. Stock up and share the love and good vibes into the world! Have a kick ass week everyone!