Guest Post: Why I’m Loving LinkedIn!

I met Raya through PursuitHQ, when I was serving as Community Manager for Melyssa Griffin! We had coffee at Starbucks as we exchanged stories about the peaks and valleys of being a Solopreneur. She told me she had seen a lot of success from LinkedIn and I knew immediately I had to have her share her experience! She was kind enough to share this post with my audience, it's full of a ton of awesome advice so listen up! :) 

When business owners talk about success on social media, LinkedIn usually isn’t at the top of the list. However, LinkedIn has been a driving force in helping my business grow and succeed. I want to share with you why I’m loving LinkedIn and what I have done to reach the success that I currently have with LinkedIn.

I have over 5,000 LinkedIn followers on my business page. If you combine my company’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ accounts, I have 5000 followers. That should tell you something! Sure, it may have something to do with the fact that my business provides professional services to my target audience of young, working women. However, LinkedIn brings an audience outside of my target who frequently visit my blog.

I should mention that my business is online based. I provide one-on-one financial coaching, personalized budget plans, and most recently, kits and courses. The kits, courses and personalized budget plans are all digital products. A person can purchase any of those items without speaking to me. The one-on-one coaching is done over phone or video chat.

The website is the company’s storefront. If a person lands on my website, they are immediately offered something in exchange for their email address. The website easily identifies the blog, the services we offer, about us, and free resources. As long as someone enters their email address, I can connect with them via email – they don’t have to keep coming back to the website.

My online business launched in January 2015. I decided the business would be active on every social media platform. Organic traffic was slow, as I wasn’t well-versed in SEO at the time. Sales were even slower. 6 months after launch, I finally offered a customer a free budget plan, in exchange for a review. That’s when things turned around!

The customer left her review on Twitter, I took a screenshot of the review and posted it on all my social media accounts, including LinkedIn. I immediately made 2 sales from customers who came directly from LinkedIn. I did a Sponsored Post of the screenshot on LinkedIn (essentially paid to boost the post), and made 8 more sales. For a new online company with little traffic, this was huge!

Here are few ways I picked my audience for the Sponsored Post:

1) Women

2) Ages 18-25

3) Living in major cities

4) Working as an entry-level, training, or mid-level

This was the exact description of the customer who had left the review on Twitter. I figured her words would resonate more with someone who was just like her! I was able to save that audience and use it for future advertising.

As time went on, I did a lot of testing with LinkedIn Sponsored Posts. I tried pay per click and pay per 1000 impressions. I tried broadening my audience and tightening my audience. I tried different types of posts (categories including health, finance, career, and fashion – everything covered on the blog). I will say that testing definitely took me to the maximum end of my marketing budget, but when it worked, it worked well!

My sales increased 450% from 2015 to 2016, and my traffic tripled. I was still on all other social media platforms, but Google Analytics showed that LinkedIn was the top source. As I completed free consultations with potential clients, they credited LinkedIn as their way of finding my company.

It’s only mid-way through 2017, and I’ve drastically reduced my LinkedIn marketing budget and we are on point to double 2016’s sales. Thanks to the efforts of the last year and a half, my LinkedIn following visits my website organically. I know which posts perform well, so I schedule them consistently.

Here are a few success tips I’ve learned through my LinkedIn advertising experience:

1) Keep your audience as specific as possible (LinkedIn allows you to get very specific)

2)  Test the look and feel of the posts you advertise. Take note of what works and recycle it. LinkedIn only allows the past 100 posts to be sponsored, so you will need to re-post consistently.

3)  When you find a post that works well, use the“Pay per 1000 Impressions” options. You will get significantly more clicks than if you had paid per click. Pay per impression is more expensive, but brings down your cost per click way below the minimum pay per click required by LinkedIn.

4)  As your audience grows, promotions specific to your following perform well.

I hope my experience and success tips help you grow your audience and sales with LinkedIn! Don’t be afraid to put some money up to find the right strategy – it will be worth it! 

About the Author:
Raya Reaves is the Founder and Financial Consultant for City Girl Savings. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations and conducting all of the financial services offered by City Girl Savings, Raya serves as a content contributor for financial articles presented by City Girl Savings. Raya also shares her love of budget-friendly fashion in the Raid Raya's Closet column. Raya received her Bachelor's of Science degree in Finance from California State University Northridge in Los Angeles. She currently resides in Austin, Texas where City Girl Savings is headquartered.

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