Travel AND Work: How to keep your business running!

I love traveling! I can't get enough, I don't care if it's a 3 hour drive or a 9 hour plane ride, I love going somewhere new. Just the idea of meeting new people, trying new things made my heart and soul full. BUT this girl has also got to pay her bills and as much as I try, I am NOT a minimalist. I love a cushy sofa and a relaxing oasis for a bedroom. So how do I do both? I've coined myself as the Semi Digital Nomad. What does that mean? It means I take off for days and weeks at a time and my work comes with me but I have a home to come back to when I'm ready! 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram know I just recently moved to Austin, Texas. (Tip: NEVER move close to SXSW ---> logistic nightmare at it's finest.) It's important for me to have a home base but I like the freedom that being my own boss provides me so when something is going on that I want to be a part of, I grab my laptop and I am OFF. Here are some of my best tips to Travel the World AND run a successful business that I've learned over the last 6 years:

1. AUTOMATION: Say it with me, A U T O M A T I O N. In my business this means making sure all of my client's social media content is scheduled and ready to go and using my phone and tablet to interact with posts as necessary. The automation tools in my life are many and diverse. Facebook has it's own built-in scheduler. Recurpost is EXCELLENT for repurposing content that is not time sensitive (although it does have a button to stop a post from being recycled past a certain date). MeetEdgar (perfect for Facebook Groups and curating content from RSS feeds), Grum (literally the best part of running client IG accounts) and my tried and true BFF, Buffer (good for everything else!)

These tools make my life easier even when I am in the office. Knowing that my content is scheduled makes traveling pain free! 

2. Be responsible: If a client has a big launch during the time you want to get away, you might want to think about what is best for your business. These clients trust you and are paying you to stand by them when they need you the most. The short answer? Those pyramids in Egypt aren't going anywhere. 

3. Be communicative: Often times when I am traveling within the United States I do not notify my clients that I am away from my home base because #1: I am usually sitting in a coffee shop or co-working space or someone's living room that has reliable wifi and #2: Unless it is concerning their brand or there is a major issue, my clients and I don't talk every single day. I don't worry them unless I need to. However, if I am heading out of the country or going hiking in Yosemite (the 2nd will never happen haha) I send them a note and let them know that if they need something, they have someone they can contact. In my case I rely on my Biz BFF Julienne who offers an awesome service called "Vacation Coverage" or I would give them my VA's information. My client's typically understand that I move around a bit during the year and knowing that someone can answer any request they have ASAP is enough for them. I typically give them 7-9 days warning so they can address any issues or concerns they have with me up front! 

4. Hire help! I waffle a bit on this issue because I hate to recommend people hire out before they need it BUT if you have the money and resources to bring on an additional team member then don't be afraid to expand your team. During the times I have had VA's I find them to be an excellent reassurance to the clients that they are my top priority, even if I am 1,700 miles away from my home base. 

There you have it! If you are thinking about trying to be a semi digital nomad and you need some advice, make sure to comment below and let's talk about it! I'd love to help you out. Feel free to also use my contact form to contact me!