Pinfinite Growth is BACK and better than ever! (my 2017 review)

Does anyone else feel like Pinterest changes constantly? It's really hard to keep up! I do my best but when I started taking it seriously I knew I needed someone to honestly hold my hand and walk me through it. Then I met Melyssa Griffin. Seriously I think someone dubbed her the "Queen of Pinterest" (ok it might have been me) but when I saw PG I was like yep, this is the course I needed. Problem was, I didn't think I could afford it. $397 was steep for me but then I thought about the ROI, if I used it to sell products or bring in new clients then basically 1 of those things pays for the entire course and I have it forever. Still it took me about 8 months to buy but when I did, it was like BAM, how could I have possibly waited this long. 

Then like some courses do, it got outdated, no worries, Melyssa like the champ she is, not only updated it but LITERALLY re-wrote the ENTIRE course. Yeah, she's a rockstar. So here I am, telling you my HONEST opinion about this course. As you saw ^^ it was love at first site but my wallet wasn't ready for such a large commitment. I promise you my unbiased opinion of this course, so let's begin! 

Disclaimer: Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links. By purchasing products using these links, you can support Spark + Influence at NO cost to you. Getting the goods you want while showing support is the best of both worlds! 

The Pro's: 

- No one knows Pinterest quite like Melyssa. If you know her story she built her business from $50,000 to well over 1 million in just shy of 2 years. She used Pinterest as a launching platform for her business. 

- It's completely updated for 2017. Yes the 2015 version gave you a ton of basics that helped me grow my traffic by 2000% (yes true story) but now you have the freshest material possible. Seriously, now is the time to buy. 

- It covers EVERYTHING from looping to Tailwind, Boardbooster, scheduling -- you will NOT leave this course having many questions and if you do, that leads me to my next point. 

- Facebook Group! Yes, she has a WONDERFUL group just for PG students where she and her community members are actively working with the students to answer any question that might come up. Seriously, those people are a HUGE asset to me! 

- 100 FREE days of Boardbooster! That tool is all kinds of amazing and she teaches you EXACTLY what to do with it! 

The Con's: 

- The $397 price tag. It is an investment, as most good things are. You do have to weigh that against your business goals and what you are trying to accomplish. It took me 8 months to pull the trigger but I wouldn't be here if I didn't think it was worth it! ALSO: You can now split your payments in 5 payments of $87 (which is what I did!) >> that made the whole purchase a lot easier to swallow. 

- I still find some of the material confusing but again I would say this has less to do with the actual course and more with me not being the best listener. Sometimes I read the same sentence 5 times and only capture the beginning. ^^ Also you have the FB group to answer any additional questions you might have! 

- It forces me to write more. haha >> I know thats personal but it's true. I would 100% say that you really need to have some pieces under your belt or at least you've thought about starting. I don't think many people talk about this but unless you have some pieces coming or that you've already started, you won't have much to promote. But I've recently gotten into batch blogging and I am in the process of putting out about 10 blogs that I will then go and promote using all of Melyssa's techniques and tricks taught in PG!

Why it's for you: 

- You understand how big of a role Pinterest can play but you don't exactly know how to use all the tools correctly. 

- You have an understanding of what your audience is into and you know how to write content that speaks to them. 

- You want to build your list, make some money, drive more traffic to your website! 

Why it's not for you: 

- You don't care about Pinterest

- You don't have a blog or any intention to blog in the future. 

What I like the most: 

- Video Tutorials! Hello, my name is Jill and I am primarily a visual learner. You can tell me something 100 times but I need to SEE you do it. My best kept secret, literally have PG in one window and your Pinterest account in the other and pause her video and do the steps EXACTLY like she does. 

- The Facebook Group! Don't underestimate how helpful the others students can be! 

What it did for me: 

These are real life stats from my Pinterest profile... (in 30 days!) 


What it can do for you: 

- If you read her testimonials, you know that she used Pinterest to build her mailing list to over 75,000 people, someone else bumped up their page views from 7,000 to 41,000, and someone else sold $6,000 worth of product! (that pays for itself 15 times!) and those are just SOME of the success stories! 

Would I buy it again? Hell yeah I would! 

Do I think you should buy it? Hell yeah I do! 


Have questions for me? Ask away!! 

If you buy it and want to chat, connect with me in my Facebook Group: Creatives + Biz Bosses!