Guest Post: Thoughts about Coaching and Your Business

I met Kerstin a couple of years ago through One Woman Shop. For me, not only is important to surround yourself with accomplished people but also kind and bright spirits. Kerstin is that 100% for me. When I launched my now very dead project, The Solo Storey, Kerstin jumped on board and was SO supportive. It meant the world to me even though it came to its untimely death back in early 2016. I've always kept in touch and she has been someone I have followed AND NOW she has this incredible new project that's launched and I was so pumped to have her as my newest guest blogger!

I became a life/business coach 12 years ago, in 2005. The seminar script from the final workshop sits in my office, and every now and then I flip through it, trying to determine which coaching techniques I've used most in the last 12 years.

Could it be NLP (neuro-linguistic programming - basically a way to change feelings and behaviours by reprogramming our communication about them)? The Social Atom maybe, which intuitively reveals the nature of our relationships (and of course they often aren't what we think they are)? How about the Schulz von Thun Communication Model? It tells us that every message has four sides and it's really beneficial to investigate all of them.

There are a lot of fancy names and methods in coaching, and while I think elements of all of them can be beneficial, the one I like to use most is one that's not officially a "coaching technique". It's called.... common sense.

While I believe some techniques can be helpful tools for changing perspectives and seeing a different side of the issue (which is what coaching is really about), in the end it comes down to common sense. And, even more importantly, it has to specifically make sense for your business and you have to be able to define a clear benefit for your business and your clients.

Coaching really isn't about someone telling you what to do and how to run your business - it's about asking questions, exploring different perspectives, and using the right tools to make the decision that's right for you and your business in the end.

Coaching techniques and methods are tools - and nothing but tools - and I think it's important for you to know that you are in charge to begin with and don't have to follow some miracle method in order to succeed.

If there is an ideal outcome in coaching - for me - it's that, in the end, you can make a decision with confidence. Nothing is ever perfect, things change all the time, and the results don't have to be perfect either - as long as you’re happy with the outcome at the time, it's all good.

It's important to acknowledge that getting coached - or coaching yourself - isn't a one-time process with a permanent solution. There will always be new situations to deal with, decisions to be made. While the process itself can be one that'll work for you over and over again, the solution will likely be different every time. There has to be one constant, however: a specific benefit for your business.

Do you have any experiences with coaching? I'd love to hear about it!



About Kerstin: Kerstin Auer is a coach, writer, and reformed grudge holder. She's also dreaming of being the next Grizzly Adams {albeit with cell service}. Her mission is to help you take your business from crisis-prone to crisis-proof, with better boundaries, stellar self-care, and more mindfulness.

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