My Review of the Boss Box - Fall 2017 + a BONUS

Hi, my name is Jill Dretzka and I am a subscription box enthusiast! I LOVE getting a surprise in the mail every month/quarter etc and finding new and fresh goodies I couldn't otherwise obtain with such ease. 

Enter the one that fits me both as a woman and Entrepreneur, The Boss Box! Like most modern-day workplace friendships begin, I met Hillary (@thestilettogal) on Instagram. We chatted here and there but she asked me if I was interested in hearing more about this concept. A subscription box sent out quarterly filled with products created and distributed BY women, FOR women. How could I say no? 

The inaugural box did not disappoint: 

- The Passport To Beauty Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask

- Cote nail polish 

- The Ultimate Tease Tote Bag

- "The Passionista", a book by Erika De La Cruz

- Please Notes

- Make Your Own Luck PencilsPencils/Fred + Far greeting cards

- The Digital Detox by Ali Katz

The mixture of business and personal items was spot on and it really made me proud to be supporting female entrepreneurs around the world. If I am being totally honest though, I do believe the best item was not included in the physical box. It is the part of the subscription I am most excited about and those were the added "Boss Box Academy Series Training Calls" we received with our box. This is what makes Hillary and her co-founders concept really shine. I jumped on a call with the one and only Dale Carnegie Coach Brian Barry. He was so magnetic as he guided us through the planning and mindset aspect of every business. It was a truly spectacular call AND we were given a workbook to follow along and jot down notes etc. 

I think if you are interested in supporting female business owners and have the passion and drive to continue building your empire, this is the box for you. It is obvious The Boss Box team puts their hearts and souls into creating something unique that strives to do more than make sure you're decked out in some cute nail polish (but seriously that nail polish is perfection). I cannot recommend them enough AND SURPRISE >>  BOX #2 JUST WENT LIVE!

Hillary was kind enough to give me a special discount for ONLY my audience. Make sure to use code WEALTH10 for 10% off YOUR first box! Don't miss out! 

Have questions? Let me know! I'd love to answer them for you!