An Unfiltered Review of an IG "Like Bot"

I hope by now you can tell that I LOVE Instagram. It's my favorite social network for myself and my clients. I love how easy it is to use and maneuver. I think it can start great conversations and really bring a brand to life! 

I was inside a Facebook Group the other day when the topic of "comment bots" came up. I will be the first one to say that if you are using comment bots, PLEASE STOP. If I have to read one more time that the photo of my new iMac is "Brilliant, best one so far" or me asking a question about your best kept secret in business is a sun emoji, I'm going to yell very loud. HOWEVER, this guy was asking about "liking bots". Immediately everyone (including myself) said "never ever, don't ever use them", but the more I got to thinking, the more I thought "well if it's ONLY liking them, what's the harm?". I go in and manually like my client's IG feed every day BUT if this works, this might be something to consider going forward! Thus an experiment was born. 

I went to Google and found ---> seemed simple enough. I got 25,000 likes for $9.99 (note** I think it's a 1 time deal NOT reoccurring but I'll be checking my monthly statements to verify that information). 

The next steps are pretty simple: You attach your Instagram account and add in hashtags you want liked. You can ALSO add in hashtags you want blocked. I added 40 total relevant hashtags, put in a few 🍆 related ones to block and went on my merry way. You can also add in location so I added in Austin, Texas (my new home in 6 short weeks!) and there is a place for you to add specific users. (I don't know if I'll utilize it for this particular experiment but I appreciate the opportunity!) 

**In their FAQ section they explain to you how many likes per hour to start with and what to do if Instagram puts a temporary liking block on your account. Because I am so unfamiliar with this concept I left mine at 70 which was the recommendation from the site. 


Day 1: It has been live for 10 minutes and it's given 17 likes. I am going to monitor it for the next handful of days and I will give you and update. I plan on running the plan until I reach my 25K likes which if I continue to up my "likes per hour" should take me roughly a week! 

Day 2: I just left this thing on my Desktop and went on my merry way. I thought it would make the most sense to not post anything for the first 24 hours so I am not confusing my regular audience with this new program. I am up 15 new followers and they have deployed 1,567 likes as we speak. Because I haven't been banned yet, I am going to up my likes to 90 per hour. I think I will add another handful of hashtags too. I am noticing I getting people going through my IG profile and liking many photos at once. I mean for approx ZERO effort I'd say I'm a fan. 15 new followers a day x 7 = I expect to have 105 new followers without doing any additional work. I am thinking about posting today so it might mess the results but I believe in a nonexperimental world it would be working alongside a person who is posting regularly so here goes nothing! Check back tomorrow! OH here is a screenshot of it in action! 


Day 8: So I skipped a few days haha BUT I have 9K likes left but here's where it gets a little shifty. I got banned at 110 likes per hour. Likestagram tells you that when it happens, you can push the amount down to 10 per hour, wait for the ban to be lifted and then move it back up again. It feels a little slimy to get temporarily banned by Instagram BUT I will tell you that I do think the benefits are real. In 8 days I've added 150 followers. Not just any kind of followers but targeted based on the hashtags I've used.

Disclaimer: This method is NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you don't feel comfortable handing your likes over to a bot, that is OK. I personally wanted to try it for the sake of my audience and current and future IG clients. I want to be able to talk to my Instagram Coaching clients with confidence when they ask me my opinions on bots! However, I will tell you, 150 new targeted followers, with little posting on my end and increasing engagement on each post led me to believe this is a good way to get new followers that aren't spammy and will help me in my overall goal to GROW my account. 

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