Why FB groups rock and which ones to join!

When I first started freelancing in 2011 I don't know if Facebook groups were around or not but this girl definitely wasn't part of them! I struggled so hard for clients and I was constantly reminding people through my personal and business facebook page that I was a business woman with a few rare "openings" (you have to love my attempt at hustling). 

I don't remember exactly how I found these groups (I think One Woman Shop was my first) but the more I poked around in them the more my mind was blown. There were groups of people just like me suffering through the same trials and tribulations and this served as a support group for them? SIGN ME UP. 

Over time I developed some serious friendships and business partnerships through them (hello Julienne my biz BFF and the peanut butter to my jelly when it comes to collaborating), and then one day I noticed people were hiring other people through them. BOOM, total game changer. 

Facebook groups are amazing because when you find the right one you not only get the support most of us are desperately seeking BUT you can also bounce ideas off people, receive feedback AND find potential work. 

So now you know why I like them but here are the actual ones I've been members of and would highly recommend to you, my fellow creative entrepreneurs: 

- Savvy Business Owners: With the sheer amount of people in this group it's inevitable if you ask for feedback that is what you will get! This group is full of business women (and men I think!) of all kinds and Heather has done of a phenomenal job of keeping her members respectful, helpful and engaged! 

- Freelance to Freedom: I am a huge fan of Leah's! Her prompts throughout the week are ones I keep coming back to because I feel like the caliber of people are so high. She recently launched a membership school that looked absolutely incredible and I think the value of being inside her FB fam is one of the highest of all the FB groups. 

- Blog + Biz BFFs: I'm pretty sure Melyssa knows I am an uber fan of hers. Her take on her business from her transparent income reports to the type of content she provides is a top resource for me. This group includes a lot of great information about Pinterest since she is the creator of "Pinfinite Growth". 

- The Careful Cents Club: A perfect group for writers. I think that sometimes niche groups are the way to go because you can really hone in on things specific to your offerings. You get an awesome newsletter and lots of great tips and articles and Carrie really loves to celebrate her member's wins which I think keeps the overall community really engaged! 

Creating Biz Balance: I'd be crazy if I didn't plug my own group. Julienne and I really wanted to create a community where business owners felt like they could really share their offerings every day of the week. We have prompts every day that allow you to share all of the wonderful stuff you have been working on. In addition to that, we also hold a weekly Twitter chat! #thebalancechat to address issues that plague us and how we can resolve them to create better balance in our personal and professional lives! COME join us! 

xoxo Jill