I love Instagram. I think what it has done for businesses has been amazing, I love keeping up with what everyone is doing and I have come to rely on some people's IG accounts to stay up to date on their latest creations. But my IG account? Yeah it's mix bag of Jill feeling creative, Jill needing a break, Jill being super productive or like my latest streak: Jill forgetting to update it for about 6 weeks. 

So when I read some articles from Pinterest about the hours if not days people spend "theme-ing" their insta accounts I was floored. Then when I did some digging I found that there are some truly beautiful accounts out there. I mean I actually saw one that had 12 images that added up to a gorgeous tiger when you saw the feed altogether. Now that's cool...BUT if I am scrolling through MY feed and I see 1/12 of a tiger which probably doesn't look like a tiger in that photo, that's where you lose me. #1: I expect to get a sense of who you are from your post (in the business sense). #2: What is the point? Am I too obtuse to connect the dots between who you are as a business person and this tiger portrait? Maybe. I might not be your ICA (ideal client avatar).

Now I've noticed there is a particular heavyweight in my industry whose 98% of posts contain nothing but bright colors and office supplies and when I see the feed together it is a work of art BUT she has relied on my ability to stop and read her captions! 1/2 the time I don't see anything that stops me and I scroll past. Now she has 16K followers and I have 500+ so I might be the minority here but I think the brilliant part of Instagram is the INSTA part! What is going on in your world in that moment? I like that idea that we could and SHOULD be sharing the real life, moment of happenings in our business. It brings such a refreshing honesty to the entrepreneurial life. It is NOT sunshine and rainbows and I think people who share all of those moments are the accounts I love the most. (ps. who looks at one person's feed at once vs individual pictures that show up in your feed when you open the app) 

Now, there are moments and occasions where being instant isn't an option or isn't the vibe you're headed for. In those cases I have some awesome tools for you! 

- (formerly - I use this tool when I want to see what my feed looks altogether. It actually would be a phenomenal tool for someone who wants to theme their feed. In my case I use it to ensure I am not posting similar posts day after day (I like to produce a mix bag of content)

- Grum - Grum actually posts FOR YOU. (mind blown? mine was too when my biz bff told me she found the unicorn tool we'd both been searching for). Very easy to use! 

- Buffer - A solid social media management tool all around, Buffer has everything you need! 

So am I for theme-ing your IG account? If you have the time, go on with your bad self. As for me, you'll be seeing my business life as it comes, one spontaneous photo at a time! 

Speaking of, let's connect on Instagram! - I'd love to "digitally" meet you! 

**some links in this article are affiliate links however I would never recommend a product I wasn't 100% in love with! 

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