It will always be my favorite interview question, “If I gave you a task and you didn’t know how to do it, what would be the first thing you do.” I’ll never forget it, I was 23, fresh out of college and an interviewer for a job I desperately wanted asked me that. I hesitated, turned bright red and said, “If I’m being totally honest, I would google it.” That word is no longer just a noun, it’s a verb. I google everything, I mean who doesn’t?

What happens when the thing you’re looking for can’t be found in Google? I know what I did, I continued searching until I started to panic. Why can’t it be found? Why doesn’t Google have the answers? Then it hit me, Google isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. Here I am sitting at my laptop at almost midnight panicking because the answer to my question can’t be found online. That’s when I closed my laptop and wondered if there was technology addiction class nearby, for which I almost opened my laptop back up to Google it (see the problem?).

For anyone who doesn’t know yet, I am starting a new business. I am in the very early stages and the thing I was googling was a hybrid between a startup checklist/timeline and a business plan all rolled into one. Now I am sure you are thinking “well yeah there has to be something on Google that will help” and you would be right but I was literally looking for an exact solution to my problem and that’s when I realized I was just letting my fear of the unknown cripple me.

I don’t need Google, I need to sit down and think this through like a person, using my own thoughts, feelings and experience. I don’t need a machine for that and that is a very refreshing thought.

So the next time you need something, I dare you to try and solve it without Google. It might hurt and pain you but I think its time we give our smartphones a break, right? (she says nervously). Good luck!