I was on a coaching call with my amazing biz coaches last week and during the middle of the call one of them said “You seem slightly less enthusiastic this time around”. Admittedly I was. Running 2 businesses by yourself is exhausting. I was overwhelmed, felt like I was working 10-12 hours a day and being too tired at the end of the day to remember what I did! They asked me how I could maneuver work and my schedule to make things better for myself. I’m still not quite sure what changes need to be made but my immediate response was “Well I used to write everything I did down at the end of the day so that I felt like I was actually accomplishing things” and I decided maybe seeing my accomplishments every day (big or small) would help me stay motivated or reignite the spark I lost.

And it WORKED.

It isn’t the dreaded “To Do List” its the “I rock, I’m awesome DONE List” — I mean which one would you pick?

If you are feeling burned out, overwhelmed, exhausted, give this a try for a few days. It lit a fire under me again, made me realize that I’m not perfect but damn if I’m not efficient and trying my absolute best!

Good luck!