It feels like everyone has caught the entrepreneurial bug! I love it, more and more I see friends of mine branching out to do their own thing and I am so inspired! I decided to highlight some of my friends doing awesome work, kicking ass and taking names. Our first highlight goes out to my lovely friends at Poppy Shoppe Productions. 

I met Keviann in College through our sorority. If anyone thought I was an organized event planner back in the day she had me beat by a mile! This girl just had a killer eye for design, execution and a true passion for events. After college she went off to work at a high end wedding venue in Laguna Beach, CA where she met her now business partner Andi! I had the pleasure of not only knowing these girls personally but I actually got to work on their website.

They shared with us a little about them, their motivation and how they are rocking the world of Wedding/Event Planning!

1. Give me your best quick elevator pitch:
For our line of business we prefer to get to know people through simple conversations with them to see what their style aesthetic is. From there, we aren’t shy about offering them a piece of advice or a recommendation to give them a peek of the creativity and ideas we can offer them such locations for engagement photos or offering cost saving decor ideas. At the beginning stages of planning an event people can be overwhelmed by everything, so talking through some of those ideas and details can be the key to getting us hired to work with them on this fun creative process.

2. How’d you come up with your idea/company?
Before starting Poppy Shoppe, we worked together planning weddings and events at a busy venue in Laguna Beach. Throughout our yearsside by side in the trenches together operating in a very demanding and fast paced environment, we developed deep trust and confidence in one another’s work ethic and aesthetic. We both separately parted ways with that company and after taking some time off out of the world of events, we met for lunch to catch up. Little did we know that we both had the same idea to pitch one another on the idea of starting our own shoppe together. In the events world, it is really easy to lose sight of your own well being and happiness as it can be time consuming and stressful. We knew that the only way to stay in the industry we love so much and still have a meaningful, well balanced life, was to create our own opportunity, thus Poppy Shoppe was born.

3. What has been your biggest challenge? 
Our biggest challenges have been things outside of the actual events realm. There are a ton of small details to handle when starting a new business: insurance, filing the right paperwork, website, cyber security, brand development, marketing… the list goes on and on. We are definitely more creative than we are tech savvy so doing the proper research and hiring the right people on a limited budget can become very time consuming and overwhelming.

4. What has been your biggest success?
Our biggest success is actually a string of small successes. We are so fortunate to get to work with amazingly creative and inspiring small business owners who are all working towards a similar goal which has afforded us opportunities to do some insanely fun photo shoots and weddings

5. What is your best piece of advice for other entrepreneurs? 
You are your biggest motivator. There are times when you will want to quit but pushing on and finding the tools and resources to work through these problems is key to running a successful business. Working for yourself you don’t have anyone you are forced to report to so setting a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and routine with to do lists and tasks will help you keep on track with anything you need to accomplish. Hold yourself accountable! Networking is also important!!! Getting to know people in your industry or entrepreneurs like yourself can help with anything down the road. Make sure to keep your door open with opportunities that come your way.

6. Who inspires you?
Hardworking, powerful, independent women who own their own businesses and are making it happen! Being able to experience working with a lot of amazing women who have been successful at running their own business while still maintaining a balance of their personal lives is so inspiring to us. We strive to be like all those working women we have met, read about, or are just starting out because they all have so much passion and drive to be successful.

To learn more about Keviann and Andi and their services, visit their website at

Stay tuned for more badass female entrepreneurs soon!