It’s embarrassing but I’ll admit I pretty much keep the same resolutions every year. Why? Mostly because I am a self diagnosed ADD business lady who gets distracted as the site of a shiny spoon. So 3 years ago I decided I was going to invest some money into conferences that will enhance my business and introduce me to some other awesome business people. I am happy to announce that I will FINALLY be attending my first conference, this weekend! Create + Cultivate is an awesome conference that has a star studded panel that is specifically for women in the digital field! Ironically enough they actually held the last conference in Chicago (my current city) and I totally missed it so now I’m headed south to Dallas to attend this one. I am pretty pumped to get out of the cold for the weekend as the Chicago weather is killing this born and raised Californian.

So now that I bought my ticket, how does one prepare for a professional conference?

The first thing I did? Finally got off my butt and ordered new business cards! It was about time…I used my ultimate favorite site and designed 2 sets. I work in a creative field so mine might feel slightly less “traditional” but they turned out amazing!

Next, I stalked all of the panelists and people I saw through Social Media that were attending and I built a list for them on Twitter so I could make an attempt to live tweet the conference.

Finally, I took the plunge and set up a business Instagram account (follow me @sparkinfluence) so I could document my time there while not annoying the people on my personal account!

What do you do to prepare for a conference? Have you ever to been to one? Share your best tips!

I cannot wait to attend and be sure to stay tuned for my wrap up post about my time at the conference!