HOW To: Instagram Hashtag Research + Account growth techniques + FREE Hashtag Cheatsheet!

This weekend I had 2 massive Instagram wins! I went from 610 to 653 in just 2 days! I was over the moon, it really made me want to sink a lot of time and energy making everything about my profile and strategy great. I haven't had that kind of growth ever and I ALSO made my first ever Instagram opt-in LIVE! (if nothing else this whole process told me I'm really more of a content "creator" than I am an "implementor". haha) 

I am a bigger believer in sharing my knowledge so I am going to show you the steps I took to accumulate this kind of growth so you can grow YOUR account! 

1. I went through my feed and actually looked at other people's content. Now this might seem like a no-brainer but the truth was I don't often scroll through my business account as often as I scroll through my personal account. Once I got in there I saw that the people I follow are putting out some incredible content! 

Action Item: Go through as far down as you can and LIKE and COMMENT on posts that speak to you. (be AUTHENTIC!) Don't just do it to get likes but look at it as an opportunity to strike up a relationship with someone whose content inspires you! 

2. Make sure to follow back accounts that follow you. (There are instances where I don't recommend this, such as spammy accounts and accounts that don't speak to you). 

3. Respond to every.single.comment. This is a biggie, if someone is taking the time to talk to you, make sure you respond! 

The other 1/2 of this blog is dedicated to the dreaded INSTAGRAM HASHTAG RESEARCH! 

In order to do this you have to use your phone (silly that you can't do it on a desktop). 

Step 1: Once you are inside the app, click the magnifying glass on the bottom menu. 

Step 2: Type in any hashtag (ex. solopreneur) 

Step 3: Up at the top you will see "related" - those are the keywords that people who are looking at "solopreneur" are also looking at. Repeat Step 2 to help build yourself a Hashtag library. 

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