You know when you and your best friend look back at your life when someone asks you how you met and you laugh as you try to figure it out? That’s how I feel about Julienne. The catch? We’ve never actually met in person! Julienne and I are both part of the One Woman Shop community and she was looking for a web designer for her client. There is a chunk of time missing from when we first interacted until now as to how we got to be business besties but I will say Julienne is the true definition of a badass female entrepreneur! She is a super successful VA and new mama just absolutely crushing it in her personal and professional life. I asked Julienne if she could take a second to answer these questions so I could introduce her to my community!

1. Give me your best quick elevator pitch: I’m passionate about working with energized entrepreneurs who are ready for major growth in their businesses. I offer digital marketing virtual assistance and focus a lot of my work on systems creating and social media marketing.

2. How’d you come up with your idea/company? Prior to being a biz owner, I worked in the nonprofit sector in communications and development roles. When I joined a different organization, the tasks that I loved became less of a focus & I missed the work a lot. So, to be able to do that work again, I started as a VA with a few clients on nights & weekends. Eventually, I was surprised when I had more demand that I could meet as a side hustle, so I went full-time in my biz!

3. What has been your biggest challenge? Well, last year I hit an unexpected (and very happy) challenge when I found out I was pregnant after a several year struggle with infertility. So I had to be kind to myself and draft a new vision for what I would accomplish in my biz. I made huge strides in a lot of areas, but didn’t make it as far as I wanted to in some others. The reason for that was two-fold: 1) I went back to the basics and set up some systems I didn’t previously have; and 2) I did a ton of prep for the time I would be off on maternity. I’m still super proud of what I accomplished and am and am loving the new journey of mompreneur!

4. What has been your biggest success? Starting and doing. Owning my own business was a dream of mine for several years, but I had some fears that were blocking me. Busting through those and making the leap to full-time self-employment last year is one of my proudest accomplishments. So, having the bravery to start, and the discipline it takes to grow, are my biggest successes.

5. What is your best piece of advice for other entrepreneurs? In my experience, growth and achievements are natural byproducts of serious and focused intention. So that means we all need to do things like: create systems; pay attention to taxes & legal structures; and take part in goal setting. When you take your business seriously, you will attract the right kinds of clients and partners who will help you grow. Think about the kind of CEO you would hire and then become her.

6. Who inspires you? I’m definitely inspired by other female entrepreneurs who are making it happen. Seeing them winning keeps me going! And I gain a lot from consuming info from Helene ScottMarie Forleo and Leah Kalamakis. They’re the best!

You can learn more about Julienne and her services by visiting her website.

Stay tuned for even more amazing stories!